All year round, our goal is to protect the beach environment as the natural resource that it is (working with other public and private organisations), encourage the population to use and enjoy it and prevent damaging, nuisance and uncivil activities. In order to foster responsible use of the beach and encourage its enjoyment among citizens, particularly during bathing season, we commit to:

  • Provide general information on the municipality and the beach, particularly at the Public Assistance Office, at the Tourist Offices, on information panels on the beach, on the local radio station, in the Castell magazine and on the Platges website.
  • Authorise, organise, support and encourage cultural, leisure, sports and environmental promotion activities.
  • Grant operating licences for different types of beach snack bars.
  • Provide surveillance, inspection and rescue services at the beach.
  • Provide cleaning, maintenance and waste collection services at the beach.
  • Maintain and promote areas for sports and children, on the sand.
  • Maintain and improve all equipment and facilities (showers, accesses, fountains, accessible elements, etc.).
  • Maintain the quality standards required to renew the quality certifications and awards that Castelldefels beach has received.