Complementary information


Eight different quality and improvement goals connected with the beach’s management are scheduled for the 2016 season:

1. Simplification of the Quality System and begin the adaptation to the Norm UNE-ISO 9001: 2015.
2. Adequacy of the section ll Paseo Marítimo to the Q of Playas (litter bins).
3. Efficiency in consumption: separate counters of irrigation, water and showers (Pineda).
4. Obtain Biosphere certification (Baix Llobregat Regional Council).
5. Establish a procedure to define the systematic to follow in the actions and activities of volunteering to our Beach.
6. Expand the participation group of the entities of the Playas Project.
7. Work on the environmental aspects by extending activities of the environmental center of Cal Ganxo to the Beach and with internal actions directed to the municipal personnel.
8. To promote the activities of the Miniclub as promoting children’s play to the beach.


  • Satisfaction index of users surveyed: Water quality, sand cleaning, access points, equipment, police and rescue/lifeguard services were rated positively by more than 95% of users (1218 people were surveyed).
  • Rating of water sanitation (mid-season): all 40 samples taken in 10 different locations confirmed that water quality was excellent overall. 100%
  • Number of complaints and suggestions from beach users: 163
  • Number of interventions carried out by rescue and lifeguard services: 1164 interventions.
  • Number of interventions by Municipal Police: 681 interventions.
  • Manual cleaning and waste bins: 119.341 kg.
  • Mechanical cleaning: 119.623 kg.


Eight different quality and improvement goals connected with the beach’s management were planned for the 2015 season:

  1. Improve planning of leisure activities on the beach. Achieved.
  2. Improve telephone integration of the Citizens’ Complaints system. Achieved.
  3. Reduce the number of crimes occurring on the beach. Achieved.
  4. Simplify the Quality System and start adapting to standard UNE-ISO 9001:2015. Continue 2017
  5. Improve on-beach information gathering services (surveys and service reviews). Achieved.
  6. Refurbish Stretch II of the seafront promenade. Not Achieved.
  7. Adapt Stretch II of the Seafront Promenade to the standards required for the Q quality certification (rubbish bins). Continue 2017
  8. Water consumption efficiency: separate shower water regulation meters. (Pineda) Continue 2017