Services, Equipment and Facilities


    • Independent loudspeakers all along the beach, integrated into the advanced lifeguard posts (TAV).
    • Updated information in the “El Castell” bulletin, on the municipality’s website and on social networks, on the state of the sea and water, and on sports, culture and leisure activities.
    • Municipal and metropolitan information panels located at main access points.
    • Environmental information points: An information point regarding the dune ecosystem on Carrer Onze, an environmental information point at Parc de les Dunes and another one at Parc del Mar. Two Blue Flag points, one of them at Plaça de les Palmeres and the other one at Carrer Onze.
  • Areas for sports and children’s games:
    • Areas for children’s games on the sand and within the green spaces located along the beach.
    • Stations with equipment for exercising and bodybuilding along the seafront promenade, between Carrer 10 and Parc de les Dunes.
    • Beach volleyball courts at: Carrer Veneçuela, Carrer Timó, Carrer Avet, Carrer 514, Av. Banys, Carrer 12, Carrer 13, and Carrer 22.
    • Football fields at: Pl. Palmeres, Carrer 4, Carrer Avet and Carrer Mèxic.
    • Korfball court on Carrer Ones.
    • Authorized area for Kitesurf (summer season)




  • Adapted public toilets at the main access points to the beach: Av. República Argentina, Av. dels Banys, Carrer Onze and Carrer 16; public toilets next to the beach bars.
  • Showers and footbaths at beach access points.
  • Drinking water at main access points to the beach.
  • Wooden walkways along the sand with accessible points leading to the water at Av. República Argentina, Av. dels Banys, Carrer Onze and Carrer 16; long walkways at Carrer Ones and Carrer Mèxic.
  • Horizontal marker buoys indicating bathing areas all along the municipality’s coast.

Entry and exit channels for boats at Carrer Mèxic, Carrer Avet, Club Nàutic, Av. Banys, Carrer Onze, Carrer 15 and Club Marítim, and a specific entry and exit channel for Kite-surfing at Carrer 10.