Services, Equipment and Facilities

Fully operational during peak bathing season:




  • Public toilets all year round and adapted toilets during peak season at the main beach access points: Carrer Veneçuela, Av. República Argentina; Av. dels Banys; Carrer 10; and Carrer 16. Public toilets next to Les Guinguetes.
  • Showers and footbaths at the main access points to the sand.
  • Drinking-water fountains at the main access points to the beach and the green spaces.
  • Wooden walkways along the sand with accessible points leading to the water at Carrer Veneçuela, Av. República Argentina, Av. dels Banys, Carrer 10 and Carrer 16.
  • Horizontal marker buoys indicating bathing areas all along the municipality’s coast.
  • Entry and exit channels for boats at Carrer Mèxic, Carrer Avet, Club Nàutic, Av. Banys, Carrer 11, Carrer 15 and Club Marítim, and a specific entry and exit channel for kitesurfing at Carrer 10.