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The Castelldefels beach is located approximately 18 km south of the city of Barcelona, between two very different ecosystems: the delta of the River Llobregat, where humid areas and reed beds abound, on the one hand, and the Garraf Massif, on the other. It is 4,840 metres (15,880 feet) long and has an average width (which increases slightly every year) of 150 metres (493 feet) and an approximate surface of 500,000 m2 (5,381,955 sq ft). It is made up of the following sectors:

  • La Pineda sector/neighbourhood
  • “Les Lluminetes” sector/neighbourhood
  • El Baixador sector/neighbourhood

The section of Castelldefels beach that is accessible via public transport affords the possibility of practising different sports, swimming in the calm waters of the Mediterranean sea, or just sunbathing peacefully.

Since 2006 Castelldefels beach has obtained several certifications and awards, currently including: UNE ISO 9001:2008 on Quality Management Systems, UNE ISO 13009:2016 on Requirements and recommendations for beach management, the Blue Flag distinction at the beaches of Lluminetes and Pineda, the SICTED mark of distinction (Spanish Tourism Quality Certification System) and the Ecoplaya flag.

In Castelldefels, the prime bathing season is from 1 June to 31 August.

More information on Castelldefels beach, published by Barcelona Provincial Council.

You can contact the beach management body by post, by e-mail, by telephone or in person via:




  •  Adapted public toilets at the main access points to the beach: Av. República Argentina, Av. dels Banys, Carrer Onze and Carrer 16; public toilets next to the beach bars.
  •  Showers and footbaths at beach access points.
  • Drinking water at main access points to the beach.
  • Wooden walkways along the sand with accessible points leading to the water at Av. República Argentina, Av. dels Banys, Carrer Onze and Carrer 16; long walkways at Carrer Ones and Carrer Mèxic.
  • Horizontal marker buoys indicating bathing areas all along the municipality’s coast.
  • Entry and exit channels for boats at Carrer Mèxic, Carrer Avet, Club Nàutic, Av. Banys, Carrer Onze, Carrer 15 and Club Marítim, and a specific entry and exit channel for Kite-surfing at Carrer 10.

and prevent damaging, nuisance and uncivil activities. In order to foster responsible use of the beach and encourage its enjoyment among citizens, particularly during bathing season, we commit to:

  • Provide general information on the municipality and the beach, particularly at the Public Assistance Office, at “Espai del Mar”, at the Tourist Offices, on information panels on the beach, on the local radio station, in the Castell magazine and on the Platges website.
  • Authorise, organise, support and encourage cultural, leisure, sports and environmental promotion activities.
  • Grant operating licences for different types of beach snack bars.
  • Provide surveillance, inspection and rescue services at the beach.
  • Provide cleaning, maintenance and waste collection services at the beach.
  • Maintain and promote areas for sports and children, on the sand.
  • Maintain and improve all equipment and facilities (showers, accesses, fountains, accessible elements, etc.).
  • Maintain the quality standards required to renew the quality certifications and awards that Castelldefels beach has received.


  1. Simplify the Quality System and start adapting to standard UNE-ISO 9001:2015. Continue 2018
  2. Adapt Stretch II of the Seafront Promenade to the standards required for the Q quality certification (rubbish bins). It’s done
  3. Water consumption efficiency: separate shower water regulation meters. (Pineda) Continue 2018
  4. Get  Biosphere certificate ( Consell Comarcal del Baix Llobregat ). It’s done
  5. Establish a procedure to define the system to follow in the actions and activities of volunteering on our beach. Continue 2018
  6. Expand the participation group of beach project entities. Continue 2018
  7. Work environmental aspects by expanding activities of the center of Cal Ganxo on the beach and with internal actions aimed at municipal staff. Continue 2018
  8. Enhance the activities of Miniclub to promote children’s play on the beach. It’s done


  • Satisfaction index of users surveyed: Water quality, sand cleaning, access points, equipment, police and rescue/lifeguard services were rated positively by more than 93% of users (1281 people were surveyed).
  • Rating of water sanitation (mid-season): all 40 samples taken in 4 different locations confirmed that water quality was excellent overall. 100%
  • Number of complaints and suggestions from beach users: 156
  • Number of interventions carried out by rescue and lifeguard services: 1148 interventions.
  • Number of interventions by Municipal Police: 505 interventions.
  • Manual cleaning and waste bins: 124.268 kg.
  • Mechanical cleaning: 192.259 kg.

Eight different quality and improvement goals connected with the beach’s management are scheduled for the 2018 season:

1. Simplification of the Quality System and begin the adaptation to the Norm UNE-ISO 9001: 2015.

2. Efficiency in consumption: separate counters of irrigation, water and showers (Pineda).

3. Establish a procedure to define the systematic to follow in the actions and activities of volunteering to our Beach.

4. Expand the participation group of the entities of the Playas Project.

5. Work on the environmental aspects by extending activities of the environmental center of Cal Ganxo to the Beach and with internal actions directed to the municipal personnel.